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GandalfAs you cross Stonebows Bridge and enter the Shire, you see Gandalf sitting thoughtfully on a boulder. He gets up to greet you. "Ah, welcome, my friend. It is indeed a pleasure to see you. We have very important things to discuss. But first, let us enjoy ourselves. The Shire is a land of great merriment, fun and games. In each area of the Shire, there is an exciting activity."

You gaze across the grassy plains, dotted with trees and shrubs, marveling at the simple beauty of it all. You motion for Gandalf to continue.

"In Michel Delving, amongst the records in the Museum, you must search for several Words in the WordSearch. In Buckland, try your hand at differing levels of the Slider puzzle. Visit Tookland and the zany Tooks and take part in the Mad Libs. Test your memory in Longbottom for the Concentration Game. Visit Frodo Baggins at Bag End to hear some challenging riddles! Play PaddleBall along the slopes of the Far Downs. Venture into the Old Forest for some Hangman.

When you are done with your fun, please see me and we shall discuss what course of action to take."