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Forum Rules

Welcome to Entmoot, the discussion board of The Tolkien Trail! You must register in order to post. Registration is free. To register, you must agree to the following rules:

  • Keep it PG-13. We pride ourselves on our family-friendly atmosphere and have members of all ages. Take profanity and explicit content to another message board.
  • Try not to clutter the board. Please introduce yourself in the Welcome Thread in General Messages. Before posting, check to see if your topic has been covered recently to avoid duplication. Advertising is not allowed.
  • Play nice. Don't flame or insult anyone. Remember that sarcasm can be hard to detect from text, so we advise liberal use of smiley faces.
  • Respect the admins and moderators. These folks volunteer their time to improve your Entmoot experience. Admins and mods may close, edit, or delete posts on the board, as well as ban users if the need arises. If you need to contact a staff member about a moderating issue, please use private messages and keep it off the public forums.
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